Video-conference room

For meeting, on distance, with multiple participant as well foreign consultation, IFS Audiovisueel has a professional videoconference room in The Hague. The meeting room has a HD Life-size conference system and a free fiber optic connection, which ensures a stable video- and audio connection.

Video-conference room

The video-conference room

You can have:

  • a one on one meeting
  • a meeting with a group with maximal 8 persons (23m²)
  • a meeting with 3 external participants
  • opportunity to share PowerPoint presentation with other participants
  • the meeting recorded on DVD or MP-3 (audio)

Rent of this system, on site, is possible, depending of technical facilities. Price on request.

“Thank you for your professionalism and your kindness.
It has truly be a very positive experience for me!
You made me feel at ease and I almost had the impression
to be in the same room as the interview panel!”

Fleur, applied trough our videoconference

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